It finally happened. Your kid got a hold of it. You threw it. Your dropped it getting out of your car. It fell in the toilet. These are all common responses when we ask how  you break your phone screen. There are a million ways to break you phone, but replacing it isn’t the only option to get it back up and running. There are some myths about phone repair that we want to address for you in this post.

It’s Expensive

This isn’t always the case. Granted, if you break your brands new flagship phone the screen may cost a bit, but most cases it may only be a few hundred dollars. That may seem like a lot, but a $200 screen repair on a device that costs $1,000 isn’t that expensive. Most iPhone repairs cost between $80-$150. Be sure to call the shops in your area to get quotes before making a decision.

I’ll Lose My Data

Most smartphone repairs are hardware related. For example, the battery isn’t staying charged, or the screen is broken. The information on the device is not in danger of being erased with these repairs. Some clients opt to back their data up prior to repair. Having a backup is always a good idea but if you are concerned about your information ask the technician before the repair. They are the experts and see damaged devices all the time and can provide recommendations.

I Need To Send It To The Manufacturer

While the manufacturers would like you to believe this, it is not always the case. There are some repairs that require proprietary equipment to complete, but most of the common smart phone repairs can be handled just as well by a third-party shop. Often you may get faster turn around and better customer service then dealing with the manufacturer directly.

I Will Be Without My Phone For Days

Most people delay in getting their phone fixed because they think they will be without it for days. Most repairs can be completed in under an hour, with more intricate repairs taking a little more time. Many of our clients will bring a book or go run errands while we have their phone.

Phones That Are Wet Are Lost Forever

This is not always the case; however, water can be tricky. When it comes to water damaged devices we always aim for data recovery first, then focus on repairing the phone. Water damage can affect devices, differently, but we have had success in recovering data and in some cases got the phone back up and running. The sooner we get a water damaged device the higher chance we have of fixing it. Our technicians are experts and if something can be done with the device, we will do it.

Need A Repair??

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