Is your iPhone difficult to charge? Do you have to force the plug into the charge port, or do crazy acrobatics with the cord to get it to charge? An iPhone can stop charging for multiple reasons. If your iPhone isn’t charging the way it used to, here are some common troubleshooting tips.

Easiest Fix

The first thing we recommend is to try using a different cord and brick. The cable will wear out over the life of the phone. Sometimes the plastic casing will break, and the cord will become exposed. If this is the case, replace it immediately. If your phone doesn’t charge with a different cord, also try a different charging brick. Like the cord, these will wear out over time and are often overlooked when troubleshooting. Make sure any replacement cord you purchased is MFI Certified. For more information about this certification, click here.

Update Your Phone

If swapping cords does not resolve the issue for you, the next step is to check your phone settings. Sometimes, bugs in old software versions will affect your battery’s performance. To check your software version open the Settings app > General > Software Update. Apple requires the phone to be charging or have at least 60% battery to update your phone. If your phone is not receiving a charge at all, this might not be an option.

Alternatively, if the software is up to date, go back to the main Settings menu. Find the Battery Health option and open it up. This will display the maximum capacity of the battery. If the percentage is less than 85%, there will be a Service label, indicating that the battery needs to be replaced.

Check The Port

If your phone does not have a case or the case does not have a port cover, it is very likely that over time lint snuck its way into the port. As the lint builds, and you charge your phone, it will get packed into the port. This lint will do one of two things. Firstly, it will prevent the contacts in the port from making solid contact with the contacts in the port. Secondly, if there is too much lint, the cord will not even go all the way into the port.

We can not stress this enough: if the cord doesn’t go in easy, DO NOT force it. The chance of damaging the cord, the port, or both is very high. The good news is removing the lint is easy. Get a fine pair of tweezers and carefully grab the lint of the port. Use caution when removing the lint, as the tweezers will damage the contacts in the port if you’re not careful.

Bring It In

Lastly, Computer Warriors is willing and able to diagnose these types of charging issues easily. Do not hesitate to bring your device in for an assessment. We are happy to quickly assess the phone and provide guidance on the best solution to resolve the problem. Our staff can remove lint and replace parts as needed.

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