Anyone who has a Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch has an Apple ID. It is the access key to Apple’s interface and services. From the App Store to Apple Music to iCloud, all roads lead to your Apple ID. Some people have the Apple ID created for them by the salesperson when setting up a new device. Your Apple ID information may never enter your mind until you need to upgrade a device. In the event of forgetting your Apple ID, below are how to reset your Apple ID password.

Apple ID Website

  1. Head over to the Apple ID webpage on Apple’s website. Navigate to the ‘Forgot Apple ID’ option beneath the sign-in section.
  2. Next, you will be redirected to another page in which you will need to enter the Apple ID. This is usually the email address associated with it. Once entered, two options will appear.
  3. You will need to decide if you want to reset the password via email or security questions. Note: If your Apple ID is an email address, you will only be able to reset through your security questions. This is because the Apple ID password will have the same password that is needed to sign in to the email.
  4. Firstly, selecting the email route will prompt a recovery email with instructions on resetting the password. If it doesn’t show up in your inbox after a few minutes, check the Spam or Junk folder. Secondly, selecting the security question route, you will need to enter your birthdate and then correctly answer the three security questions before setting a new password.

Two-Factor Authentication

If you have turned on Two-Factor Authentication, resetting your Apple ID password is even easier. You will be able to reset the password from any trusted Apple device. If you are unsure if you have set a trusted device, don’t stress. Whenever you set up Two-Factor Authentication, it will automatically trust that device.

  1. Go into Settings > Select your name > Password & Security
  2. Select Change Password
  3. Enter the passcode of the device. Once entered, you will be able to reset the Apple ID password.

Account Recovery

If you don’t have a trusted iOS device, the only option will be to reset the Apple ID password through Account Recovery. This is useful if someone stole your device. The downside to this method is it can take a few days, depending on the amount of information you provide.

  1. When going through the process to reset your password online or on another device, there should be an option to Request Account Recovery
  2. Enter a number that you can be reached at, then entered the verification that is sent you. After you enter this code, you will need to confirm a variety of information. Once completed, you will see a confirmation that you will be contacted when your account is ready.
  3. Once your account is ready, you will be contacted via phone or text.
  4. On a computer, go to this Apple recovery. Enter the Apple ID and confirm the number you listed in step 2.
  5. You will receive another verification when you enter the page.
  6. Select Continue, and you will be prompted to create a new password.

We have heard from multiple clients who did know or understand the importance of the Apple ID when it was set up. We equate the Apple ID to a Social Security number in terms of importance with Apple devices. If you are at the account recovery stage, it can be challenging to provide enough information to verify who you are. If Apple declines your verification, there is very little you can do. Put your Apple ID password somewhere safe, or make sure you have set up proper recovery options!

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