Building a new PC is an exciting experience. The custom PC market has exploded in recent years, allowing gamers to make their computers their own. However, the ability to customize and pick every component can be pretty overwhelming. In this series of articles, we will walk you through different things to consider when building a gaming computer. In today’s post, we start with the CPU.

Important Choice

We recommend spending a significant amount of time researching the right CPU for your purpose. At a high level, there are two manufacturers: Intel and AMD. Both brands have their benefits and limitations and can be better for specific tasks than the other.

AMD vs. Intel

In recent years AMD stepped up its game in processors. Previously, AMD was only a good option for budget and entry-level builds. With its Ryzen series of processors, AMD represents stiff competition for Intel across all price points. For gaming, processors can range between $200 to over $1,000 for both brands.

Additionally, different processors will support additional features. For example, Intel’s latest-generation CPUs better support Thunderbolt 3 ports. On the flip side, AMD CPUs allow overclocking on its cheaper B-series chipset. This benefits budget builds, enabling users to get the most performance out of their machines.

Each manufacturer has several processor models that all achieve different performance levels. To get a complete understanding of the ins and outs of performance for each brand, check out Tom’s Hardware extensive review of all of the processors available today.

What Fits Best For You

If you’re looking to stream Netflix or surfing the web, either brand will deliver right out of the box. If you’re looking for something with processor-intensive tasks like video editing or heavy multitasking, AMD is a better route for the best bang for your buck. The good news for you is there isn’t a bad option for a CPU. However, do your research before picking a CPU. We recommend reading several reviews before forming your opinion. Which CPU is better is highly debated with die-hard supporters in both camps.

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