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Why Choose Us

Mobile Phone repairs should be fast and painless. After our diagnosis, we’ll explain the process that should be taken to repair your iPhone and Samsung phone and discuss any other options available. We’ll let you know if getting a new device is better, and we’re always upfront about the pricing.

Your cell phone is essential to you, and we offer fast mobile device repair services. You can get your phone back on the same day and avoid the frustration of waiting. We offer different solutions and features that aren’t available with other companies. Here is why many satisfied customers return to us for repairs: 

  • Comprehensive repair service: We fix any issues a phone may encounter. This includes screen problems, malfunctioning microphones, connectivity issues, and more.
  • Express Service: Get the fix you need with a low wait time. Most cell phone problems require only an hour unless you need a replacement. It’s a simple process.
  • Quality parts: We use only the best parts for your iPhone and Samsung devices. These materials ensure that it stays at the best quality possible.
  • Years of experience: We have different technicians that have worked in repairs for years. They understand the many issues mobile devices encounter and are up-to-date with knowledge of new phones.
  • Transparent: We’ll let you know about the service and pricing right away. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of the repair and answer any questions you may have.

Our team works on all brands, including the different models released. Contact us if you need any Samsung or iPhone repairs.

Complete Diagnostics

When you contact us for a cell phone repair, our technician will run a diagnostic on your device. They’ll determine the problem’s root and find the best solution. Sometimes, we’ll need to run a deeper diagnostic to understand the problem. Some cell phone issues may stem from the hardware inside or software issues.

Once we assess the problem, we’ll offer a repair at some of the lowest prices in the area. Our service comes with a warranty in case something happens again. As the leading repair center, we want your experience to be as smooth as possible. Contact us today and get the help you need.

Multi-Point Testing

During each phone repair, technicians will conduct a multi-point test. This test includes making sure your phone is charging, the front and rear camera’s work, testing the microphone and loudspeaker, all physical buttons are working as designed, and much more. When applicable, we will conduct this test before and after every single repair. We do this to make sure that all the components that work when you arrive, also work when you leave. A multi-point inspection is designed to inform you, and the technician, of items that might not work, as designed, prior to your repair.

Top-rated Services

No matter the problem, we will treat your mobile device with care. We repair all phones and treat them as if they were our own. Know that every time you trust us, we guarantee the safety of your mobile phone. We will return it as soon as possible, and you can focus on other things in the meantime.

Our service has high ratings on numerous websites, including social media. We’ve received many positive reviews because of our approach to repairing mobile devices.


Common Mobile Phone Problems

Mobile phones encounter different issues, though they are more common than you think. Here are some of the most common issues we’ve fixed. Knowing them can give you the confidence to contact us for your cell phone repair:

  • Slow phone: Smartphones often get slower over time, or there might be congestion within their memory. We can track down what’s causing the issue and delete it. Other times, part replacement may be necessary to restore your phone’s capability.
  • Battery issues: Two of the most common issues we’ve faced are fast-draining batteries and slow charging. Your device may be draining more power than you realize. We’ll check the software and identify any issues costing you battery.
  • Broken screens: A broken screen is inconvenient and annoying. Replacing it requires safely removing the damaged screen and finding the right fit for replacement. We have all the tools necessary to give you a brand new screen.
  • Downloading or app issues: Your phone may have problems downloading or using apps, and you don’t know why. We’ll check the technical and software side to find the best solution.
  • Water damage: Water getting into an electronic device can cause havoc. Repairing it means ensuring that there is no water and fixing any damage it may have inflicted.
  • Crashing phone: A crashing phone may happen because of app problems or the device’s operating system. It’s frustrating, but we can find a solution through our diagnosis.
  • Overheating: If your phone is getting too hot, something is causing the temperature to go up. It can also be because of a defect in one of the parts.

If you encounter any of these problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide the solution you need in the fastest time possible.

The Computer Warriors: Leading Cell Phone Repair Service

At the Computer Warriors, our commitment is to ensure you’re satisfied with your mobile device repair service. With professionals working on your phone, you can feel secure, knowing that your device is safe. Have a comprehensive repair that ensures you can use your phone for many more years. Contact us today and schedule your service.