Microsoft often has multiple names for the same update. For example, the name for the latest update is October 2020 Update, 20H2, version 2009, and build 19042. In today’s post, we’ll cover how to decipher what Microsoft’s lingo means.

Development Codename

Microsoft starts each Windows 10 update with a development codename. Using the previous example, Windows 10 20H2 is the October 2020 update. 20H2 came about because the update came during the second half of 2020. These development codenames replace the version numbers in Windows’ interface. You can find it by going to Settings > System > About to see the version under Windows Specification. Windows 10 receives two updates per year, once in the spring and once in the fall or H1 and H2.

The Update Name We Know

Microsoft recognizes that not everyone will understand the development codenames, as they are primarily designed for internal use. As a result, Microsoft creates an official name for each update for its marketing. These names are pretty simple, using the month and year that the update is released; for example, October 2020 Update. Microsoft uses these names in marketing materials and blog posts when promoting the new updates.

Version Number

Windows 1o also has version numbers, which is different than its codename. For example, the Windows 10 October 2020 Update is Version 2009. Microsoft creates the version number by taking the first two numbers for the year and the second two numbers for the month. You might be thinking Version 2009 means September of 2020, but it’s called the October 2020 Update. Here’s where the naming can get confusing. The version number indicates when the update is finalized, whereas the marketing name indicates when it was released.

The OS Build Number

Windows 10 also has an operating system build numbers. The October 2020 update is 19042. The build numbers can illustrate how significant each update is from the previous version. For example, 20H2’s build number is 19042, and 20H1’s update is 19041 – meaning there wasn’t a ton of change between the updates. However, 19H2’s build version is 18363, signifying Microsoft made some major changes between 19H2 and 20H1.

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