Remote support is a convenient way to have your computer worked on if you are unable to bring your computer in for repair. In today’s post, we discuss our remote services offerings and capabilities.

What is remote support?

Remote support allows a technician to access and take control of your computer as if they were sitting in front of it.

What issues can a remote session resolve?

Most software issues. Accessing a computer remotely allows a technician to look at your computer in real-time as if they were there. For example, we can include transferring data, installing programs, virus scans/ removals, application tutorials, and some printer issues. Note: the printer will need a network connection or connected via USB.

What issues can remote support NOT solve?

While software issues can be diagnosed and resolved without a technician physically at a computer, hardware issues cannot. If the device has a failing hard drive, noisy fan, or other hardware related issue, we would need to see the machine to diagnose and fix the issue accurately. When your computer has an issue like one of the mentioned or similar issues, feel free to bring the computer to the store. If you don’t want to bring it to the store, call to find out about our pickup and delivery options!

What do I need for a remote support session?

There are three requirements for a remote session. Firstly, your computer must power on and allow you to log in. Second, it must be able to connect to the internet. Lastly, there must be an agent installed to connect to your computer. All of our Computer Warriors protection plan holders have the agent as part of their plan. If you do not have a protection plan through Computer Warriors, you can find the agent here.

If you are interested in a remote support session, feel free to give us a call at 910-218-9359 to speak to a technician to see if a remote support session is a solution for you! Did you find this article interesting or helpful, check out our other posts!