Did you know, according to a 2016 survey, the average gamer plays on their system for 6.5 hours per week? With all that use, they get dirty. Most are set up and never touched again. As we play our consoles, they can suck in dust and dirt if we do not often clean our gaming consoles. Today, we want to provide some tips on keeping your console clean and running as high as the day you got it.

Cleaning The Outside of Your System

The easiest thing to do to keep your console clean is to dust it and the surrounding areas at least once a week. If your house generates a cloud of dust or pet hair, you may want to get a dust cover to help keep your console clean. To begin, make sure you turn your console completely off before covering it to avoid overheating. Using a bleach-free cleaner and a microfiber towel will clean your consoles if a liquid is spilled or splashed on your console. Be sure to avoid allowing liquid to get into your console. Subsequently, pick an antibacterial wipe to clean your controllers. If you need to clean the buttons or cords, use isopropyl alcohol and a Q-Tip.

Cleaning The Inside of Your System

The amount of dust that collects on the inside of your console will surprise you. Taking apart your console could result in damage or not work after the fact if you’re not careful. If you are not comfortable with opening your device, bring it to a Computer Warriors. We have trained technicians in the professional disassembly and reassembly of all your electronics. If you feel confident in taking your console apart, here are the tools you need: screwdrivers, Q-Tips, compressed air, toothbrush, paper towels, soap and water, and a vacuum.

First, find an excellent and reliable guide to help with the disassembly, especially if you have never taken one apart before. There are numerous YouTube videos out there, or iFixit has great step-by-step guides. Secondly, remove any cables that are attached to the device. Following your guide, break down your device.

During the next step, clean any plastic pieces with soap and water. DO NOT put the liquid on electrical components. Secure the fan with a screwdriver or hold it with your fan and blow compressed air on the board. This will break up any dust and clean the board. Gently use your toothbrush and compressed air to clean the fan. Once everything is clean, follow your guide in reverse to reassemble the device.

Final Thoughts

As a rule, cleaning your console at least once or twice a year will keep it running strong. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure you watch the teardown videos or guides thoroughly before attempting the disassembly. Taking apart your device can be intimidating, and as mentioned, could cause damage if you are not careful. The outer cases are held together with plastic clips. These clips will tend to snap and pop as you separate them. If you feel like cleaning the inside of your console is beyond your skill set, don’t fret. Computer Warriors will take care of you. We have three locations for your convenience and will be happy to complete these cleanings for you. If you have any questions, give one of our stores a call.

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