How many tabs do you have open right now reading this article? If you are like me, probably more than one. There is a growing debate on whether having multiple tabs open increases your productivity. In today’s post, we are going to talk about how multiple browser tabs affect your computer.

Why So Many Tabs?

Some people will have several tabs open at any given moment. There are a few reasons why having more than one tab open at a time makes sense. It can make your browser look messy, but it also can be a sign of productivity. If you are researching a complex topic or managing a few projects, having multiple tabs open can be helpful. However, the more tabs you have, the more resources your browser will use.

Hardware Limitations

Browsers can drain your computer’s system resources. Some browsers can eat up more than 2GB of your RAM, which can lead to slowdowns in performance. If you multiple tabs open and are experiencing slowdowns, you may need to upgrade your hardware. The good news is that relatively easy.

The central processing unit (CPU) is essentially the brain of your computer. As you input commands, it will crunch the numbers and follow those commands. If you have a weak processor, your computer will not be able to handle many tasks or tabs at once. Most desktop CPUs can be upgraded and replaced. Laptops, on the other hand, are a little more tricky. Some models will have a replaceable CPU; others are soldered directly to the board.

Another resource that you want to make sure you have plenty of is your random access memory (RAM). RAM acts like your computer’s short term memory. It helps your computer multitask without running into problems. Like your CPU, RAM can be underpowered but also can be upgraded. If your computer is a few years old, it may only have 4GB of RAM. We recommend at least 8GB of RAM to handle all the programs and processes commonly used today.

Increasing your CPU or RAM can make your computer overall much faster. It will also make your computer able to handle all those browser tabs. If you want to know if your computer can take any upgrades, bring it into Computer Warriors for a consultation.

Do I Need An Upgrade?

If your computer feels slow to get going or slow running programs, you likely could benefit from a hardware upgrade. You can confirm these suspicions by looking at your task manager or activity manager. If you’re using your computer as you normally do, the CPU usage should be less than 20% or less, and RAM should be under 50%. If your computer is running higher than those percentages, you might benefit from a hardware boost. Note: If you use your computer for gaming or video editing your utilization might differ.

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