Data breaches are frequent on our computers, but our increased usage of our smart devices also puts us at risk. Thousands of Android users have been spied on with malware that costs less than $100. The victim’s spouses or partners install this malware to their device. This form of hacking enables emotional domestic abuse which could lead to physical abuse. Below is a list of antivirus applications that can help protect your device from malware!

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is one of the largest antivirus companies in the world and is modifying its security product. It will start notifying users that their phones have stalkerware, a form of malware, installed on their device. Kaspersky reported that it had found over 58,000 devices with stalkerware installed in 2018, which they believe is only a fraction of those who might have it. The security app will have the ability to scan other applications to see if they leak sensitive information and block them if necessary. There are two versions of this app, a free download that is ad supported and a premium version that has more features.


Alternatively, Bitdefender is another big name in the cyber security industry. Its app is very convenient to use and operate. It does not run in the background, meaning it won’t drain your battery. A caveat to that feature is you will have to schedule scans or run them manually consistently to be safe. Its protection will extend to Google Chrome as well. If you have a smartwatch, it can alert your watch that you have moved too far away from your phone. Like Kaspersky, there are two versions, a free and a premium version. The free version comes with a 14-day trial of the premium service.


Both PC and Mac users trust Malwarebytes as an antivirus program. Its Android app will automatically remove threats such as malware and ransomware. It will audit what apps are monitoring your usage. Malwarebytes will track what apps record your location or monitor your calls. It will scan for phishing URLs to help protect you while you are surfing the web. Another great benefit is that you will get a 30 day trial of the premium app. To download Malwarebytes for Android, follow this link.

Other Options

There are several options for protecting your Android device. Avast offers a mobile security app that will block calls and have an anti-theft feature. McAfee also is ad-supported but offers anti-theft features and apps that may leak data. Norton provides an antivirus that will allow remote locking of the device via SMS. There are other options out there too. Make sure you understand all of the benefits when choosing an antivirus to make sure you get the right fit.

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