Apple’s MacBook Pro may have another hardware issue coming to light. When Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro in 2016, issues related to the keyboard quickly became a major frustration for users. The new issue results in the backlight failing, or bottom portion of the screen to look uneven and spotted.

The Cause

The issues appear to stem from the display cable that connects the LCD to a control board that sits beneath the base of the computer. The twin cable design gets pulled tight any time the laptop is open. The repair site, iFixit, explains that this motion could wear the cable over time. The issue may first start as the ‘stage light’ but could cause the display not to work properly if the lid is more than halfway open.

MacBook Pro Display Cable Photo: iFixit

How Common Is The Issue?

Right now, the screen issue does not appear widespread. There is a site called ‘Flexgate’ that has several posts from users claiming to be suffering from the problem. Since the problem develops over time, it is difficult to determine if it is a common problem or just isolated cases. The bigger concern is since this is a problem that develops over time, it is possible that your computer may be working fine today but when it develops the computer will be out of warranty.

If your MacBook does suffer from this issue it will not be a simpler, or cheap fix. iFixit mentions that the cable is built directly into the screen, as a result if the cable fails the entire screen will need to be replaced. Check out iFixit’s original post for more information. Click this link to check your warranty status on your computer.

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