Instagram is a massive photo library. Every day, there are nearly 100 million uploaded photos to the application. In today’s post, we cover the steps of downloading and saving photos from Instagram. This may be useful if you accidentally delete the original or took the image through Instagram’s camera function and didn’t save it to your gallery.

Instagram Online

To begin, log into Instagram on a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Next, click on your profile picture. Navigate to the settings icon. In the next menu, find the Privacy and Security tab. Find the Data Download section and click Request Download. Lastly, Instagram will prompt you to enter your email and password. Once they confirm your identity, it is a waiting game until they release the download.

Instagram Application

Instagram also gives the option to submit this request through the app on your phone. Firstly, open the app and navigate to your profile. Secondly, tap the menu icon in the top right corner and select the Settings option. Scroll down until the Security tab, and then select Data Download. Lastly, your email and password will be requested and tap the button Request Download.

Similar to Facebook’s download tool, Instagram will compile all of your data and email you a link to download via email. Facebook owns Instagram. The app reports that it could take up to 48 hours to receive your link. We tested this ourselves and got a link within an hour.

Bookmark Photos

Instagram also allows you to save posts that you like without downloading them. Instagram added the bookmark feature to help users organize their posts or posts of interest similar to Pinterest. To bookmark a post, tap the ribbon icon on the bottom right of the post. When you tap it, it will save it to your collections, or you can create a new collection to add it to.

There are other 3rd party sites or apps that you can also use to download individual photos (Instagram currently does not allow this). A good example of this is DownloadGram. We should also note that just because you can download user photos, doesn’t mean you should if it is not yours. Always ask permission prior to downloading another user’s content. Check Instagram’s copyright policy if you want further information.

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