If you are using more than one window on your computer, the ability to split-screen can make multitasking easier. Splitting the screen in half is incredibly useful if you don’t have multiple monitors but working on complex projects. Students and professionals alike can benefit from a split-screen. In today’s post, we cover how to use Split View on Mac computers.

Split View

To begin using Split view, open up two or more windows on your Mac computer. These can be any window like webpages, apps, documents, etc. Look at the top left corner of the window for the red, yellow, and green circles. These control the window.

Secondly, hover over the green circle, two arrows will appear. Click and hold down on the green button. The following options will appear: Enter Full Screen, Tile Window to Left of Screen, and Tile Window to Right of Screen. Selecting the second or third option will fill that portion of the screen.

Once you have the first window positioned, repeat the process for the other window. Tapping on either window will bring it back into focus for use.

Split View Adjusting

Dividing your windows half and half isn’t the only option when dividing a screen. There will be a black bar separating the two windows. Click and hold that bar until you can slide it to the left or right to give one window more space.

If you want the windows to switch positions, click and hold one of the window’s title bar and drag it to the other side. The separate window will automatically switch positions. Split View will also automatically hide the menu bar when the screen is divided. To make it reappear, hover over it with your pointer.

Window Snapping

Mac OS Catalina brings window snapping to Mac computers, similar to the Windows version. Firstly, click on one window and drag it to one of the four corners on the screen. After you do this, a translucent box will appear, showing the shape of the new window. Let go of the window, and it will automatically adjust to the new shape.

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