If you have an Apple computer, today we want to show you some Mac keyboard shortcuts that will make your computer easier and more streamlined to use.

Most Important: Cut, Copy, & Paste

  • Cut: Command + X
  • Copy: Command + C
  • Paste: Command + V

Capturing Your Screen

  • Screenshot toolbar: Command + Shift + 5 (Select options to show the location of the saved screenshots. In addition, you will also have the options to include the cursor, and set a countdown before it is taken)

Changes: Undo or Redo

  • Undo: Command + Z (You will be able to undo several changes by continuing to press Command + Z)
  • Redo: Shift + Command + Z (Depending on the app you’re using, and as long as you have not made newer changes since undoing them, this will allow you to revert to the original)

Force Quit

  • Force Quit Window: Command + Option + Esc (here you will be able to quit unresponsive apps)

Move Between Apps

  • Switch between your two most recent applications: Command + Tab
  • Moreover, some other options to switch between apps: Press Command + Tab, hold Command and let go of Tab
    • Pressing the left or right arrow keys to move through the apps. Let go of Command to select that application
    • Hit the H key to hide the selected apps windows
    • Hit the Q key to exit the selected app

In short, some of these shortcuts can save you time on the computer. They can also make the operation of your computer easier, as your hands are already on the keyboard. If you found this article interesting or helpful check out our other posts!