Did you know that you don’t need to use the standard alarm tones that come with your Android device? The Google Clock app allows songs from your streaming services for alarm tones. Here’s how.

Google Clock App

If you have a Google Pixel, the Google Clock app is already installed on your device. If you have another manufacture’s Android device, Google Clock is available in the Play Store. The alarm settings for the native app will not carry over to Google Clock. Don’t forget to turn off your native alarm, so two alarms don’t go off in the morning! It will integrate Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora Radio.

Google Clock

Link Spotify

In order to link Spotify to your Google Clock, you must be a premium subscriber. Firstly, open up the Google Clock and select the bell icon beneath one of your alarms. Select the Spotify tab, and if the app is installed on your phone, a permissions screen will pop up automatically. By selecting Agree, your Spotify account will automatically connect to the Clock app.

Next, find the Spotify tab in your app. Spotify has several recommended playlists to choose from, like Wide Awake. If you don’t like those playlists, hit the search icon in the bottom right to look through the millions of playlists on the service, including your own.

Link YouTube

Alternatively, Google Clock will also work with YouTube Music. In order to set this up, you will need to install the YouTube Music app to your phone and have an account set up. Similarly to Spotify, YouTube Music requires a premium subscription. Once linked, find the YouTube Music tab in your alarm settings. YouTube has some premade playlists, like Spotify, but offers a wide variety of options to choose from, including music that was recently played on your account.


Link Pandora

Linking Pandora is virtually the same process as the previous options. Firstly, make sure Pandora Radio is installed on your device. Then in your alarm settings, scroll to the Pandora tab to link your account. Pandora has premade playlists but also offers the ability to link other stations that you created to your alarm.


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