Apple likes to use a simple but functional design on its devices. This creates a stunning minimalist look, but can often make it difficult to determine which model device you have. In today’s post, we will cover how to identify which iPhone or iPad you have.

Identifying Your iPhone

To begin, you will want to find the Settings app on your home screen. You can also get to the Settings by swiping down and searching for it with the Spotlight search.

Next, scroll down until you see the ‘General’ option.

Following this, select the ‘About’ tab.

Scroll down until you see the section with the Model Name or Model Number. If there is no model name available open up a search engine and enter in the model number. This will tell you the model you are used to seeing i.e. iPhone X. Knowing the correct model of your device is important, especially when it comes to repairs. Newer iPhones will cost more to repair than older models.


If you have an older model iPhone, you can find a model number on the back of the frame. It will be in the tiny writing towards the bottom. It will begin with an ‘A’.  For example, the iPhone 7 is A1660.

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