Zoom recently became one of the most important applications people and companies use as we self-quarantine. From business meetings to online social gatherings, Zoom is a popular choice for video conferencing. In today’s post, we talk about how to use it.

Set Up A Zoom Meeting

Zoom is free to use with some limitations, mainly meetings are limited to 40 minutes for groups of three or more attendees. That said, starting a meeting is easy. Firstly, head over to Zoom’s website and sign up for an account (if you don’t already have one). Once logged in, hover over Host A Meeting on the top right side of the page.

Next, the Zoom installer will download if this is your first meeting. Follow the instructions to complete the install process. Once installed, you will be prompted with some steps to set up the meeting. Be sure to test your speaker and audio. Before joining a meeting, the option to test the audio will pop up.

Zoom Toolbar


The meeting toolbar has all the necessary controls to control your meeting. To mute your microphone, select the Mute button. The same function can be accomplished with your video by hitting Stop Video. By clicking the arrow next to each of those buttons, you will have the ability to change the audio inputs and outputs. To share your screen, hit the Share Screen button in the center of the toolbar. A menu will appear and show all open windows available for sharing.



Invite Participants

Hit the Invite button to add people to your meeting. You will be able to invite via email, frequent contacts, or a link you can post.


Join Meetings

Zoom has two ways to join a meeting. Firstly, if the host provides a link, click on it and it will open the Zoom application and bring you to the meeting. In addition, you can go to Zoom.us/join. Type in the meeting ID, and you will be set! Zoom allows participants to join via their phone or their computer.

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