Keeping backups is essential for maintaining your data. Backups hold data when drives fail, operating systems get corrupted, devices get stolen, or other scenarios where your data can be lost. In today’s post, we discuss how to back up your Mac’s data.

Time Machine

The simplest way to backup a Mac is to plug in an external drive. A popup appears the first time a drive is connected. It will prompt you to configure the drive as a backup drive. Select the option to Use as Backup Disk. Additionally, there is an option to encrypt the backup disk if you want to secure the data once backed up.

Time Machine takes care of everything once configured. When a backup is in process, there will be an icon next to the WiFi symbol. It looks like a clock with a circular arrow. Hover over it with your cursor to check the status of a backup.

In addition, Time Machine backups can be completed wirelessly over your network. Apple created an Airport Time Capsule that doubles as a wireless router and a storage device. This is a more complex method than the external drive method. If you need help configuring an Airport, feel free to give us a call. Our onsite technicians have experience in configuring Airports.

What Does Time Machine Backup?

Time Machine captures local snapshots of your Mac. Your Mac will take a daily and weekly snapshot of all of your files and save it to your internal storage if your backup drive isn’t available. Time Machine includes everything that is on your computer, including data files and applications.

Manual vs. Automatic Backups

The very first backup will take the longest to complete. After the initial backup, every backup after will happen much faster—only modified files backup, resulting in faster backup times. When the drive is connected to the computer, automatic backups occur once per hour. If the drive disconnects from the computer during a backup, the backup resumes once the drive reconnects. If you want to initiate your backup, all you need to do is open up the Time Machine settings and hit Back Up Now.

Restore Data

If the day comes when you need to restore your data, Apple makes it a breeze. When setting up a new computer, you will be prompted to transfer data from a Mac or Time Machine backup. Once your Mac is in Recovery mode, there will be a similar option to restore your data.

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