Last week we posted an article with some tips for first time PC builders. After we posted it, we came up with some more tips to avoid headaches or frustrations while building.


Use this site when planning your build. PCPartPicker is one of the best sources for helping you with your build. The site has a system builder that will list all of the components, so you don’t overlook or forget anything. It also will tell you when parts are incompatible or when your power supply isn’t sufficient to power your computer.

Get Creative

Some PC builders will do different things with their computers. Some people will add figures, or Funko pops inside their builds. Double-sided tape will ensure that it doesn’t move around in there, and doing so is a great way to add some flare to your build. In our previous post, we mentioned keeping it simple, but if you do go with RGB, most peripherals can sync with your computer for matching color displays

Fully Modular Power Supplies

Getting a semi-modular or fully modular power supply is worth the extra money. These make cable management easy because you only use the cables you need and will have extra ones to hide in your case.

Motherboards With Integrated I/O Shields

This isn’t a huge deal if they are separate, but for the sake of simplicity, getting a board that has the I/O shield already attached will make installing your motherboard easier than not. If your board comes with a separate I/O shield, they are straightforward to install, but sometimes you need to finesse them before they properly sit into your case.

The Build Is Never Over

Once you start with building PCs, the process is never over. New games and new components come out every year, so there is always an opportunity to make changes. These include (but are not limited to) upgrade RAM, swapping an air cooler for a water cooler, or installing better fans. Just make sure you do your research before going through with any upgrades.

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