If you are working from home, you have probably found yourself in at least one Zoom meeting. Video conference calls are a great way to help maintain the human connection while we are all in quarantine. A fun feature with Zoom is it will allow you to change your background. In today’s post, we show you how.

Changing Your Zoom Background

By activating this, your actual background will get replaced with a picture or video. Changing your background is a simple process. Firstly, navigate to the bottom left of the screen. Click on the arrow next to Stop Video.

Zoom Background

Next, select the Choose Virtual Background from the pop-up. This will open up the settings menu. The option to choose a stock photo or video or upload your own by selecting the ‘plus’ sign in the top right. Depending on the computer, Macs will open Finder, and PC will open File Explorer to upload a picture.

Zoom Background

Which Images or Videos Work Best?

Several factors will determine what background is usable. For a full breakdown, click here. In addition, you will want to select an image or video with an equal or higher resolution to your webcam. If you don’t know your camera’s resolution, find it out here.

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