The Apple Watch is an awesome extension of your iPhone. Did you know it has a feature in it that can help save your life? This feature is fall detection, which will notify your emergency contact if you are in an accident.

Turning On Fall Detection

During the initial setup of your Apple Watch, Apple asks you to turn on fall detection. If you did not, or want to verify you did head over to the Watch app on your iPhone. Once opened, scroll down until you see the Emergency SOS option. Select this and make sure the toggle next to Fall Detection is switched on. This will notify 911 and your emergency contacts that you might have been hurt and didn’t respond to an alarm the watch set off.

Emergency Contacts

To make sure your emergency contacts are set up properly, head over to the Health app. Once opened, select your picture in the top right-hand corner. Following this, scroll down and select the Medical ID option.

This will open up the medical information that you have listed for yourself. To add an emergency contact, select the Edit option in the top right corner. Scroll down until you see the Emergency Contacts and select the green plus sign. This will open up your contacts, find the one you want, select it, and set the relationship to you for this contact. Once complete, hit done, and you’re ready to go.

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