Did you know that out of her many skills, the Amazon Alexa smart assistant can track your packages for you? You may know that she can order or reorder things by asking her, but she will also go through your previous orders and let you know the status of them. This ability comes in the Alexa app, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, or any other Alexa powered device.

Tracking Orders

To have Alexa search your orders, ask “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” or “Alexa, track my order.” Alexa will search through your Amazon shopping history, find recent purchases, and then state the status of each item.

Enable Delivery Notifications

Alexa will also notify you when a package arrives. This is beneficial if you do not hear a courtesy knock when it’s delivered. To set it up, go to the Alexa delivery notification page and toggle the button next to Delivery.

More Tracking Features

Alexa can also track packages from the major carriers, even if they are not coming from Amazon. Adding the UPS skill will tell you if you have any packages that are coming, where the nearest UPS store is to your location, and estimate the shipping cost. You will need to sign up for the UPS My Choice account for it to work. If you install the U.S. Postal Service Informed Delivery skill it has a huge selection of questions that Alexa can answer. She can find out when a package was delivered, how many will be delivered on a particular day to how soon it will arrive. You will need to sign up for a free Informed Delivery account to make the skill work.

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