Intel has several different CPU variations available for both laptops and desktops. If you are looking for a new computer, you will find most computers have an Intel processor installed. So, what is the best one for you?

Core Processors

Intel introduced the Core lineup of processors to replace the Pentium lineup in 2006. The Core ‘i’ series name are the high-level categorizations that differentiate different models within any generation. Various features will be included in options within a given generation.

As technology advances and is cheaper to produce, performance will also be better. For example, an 8th Generation i5 will perform better than a 2nd Generation i5. Check out UserBenchmark if you want to compare the performance of two CPUs. Now that you know a little information on the Core series processors let’s compare each option.

Core i3

Intel Core i3 processors are at the bottom of the Core lineup. These processors will typically have a lower core count compared to others in the lineup. This means from a processing perspective; it is not as strong as a Core i5 or Core i7. Newer desktop i3 processors are quad-core making, slightly more powerful. However, laptop i3 processors are dual-core, making them slightly slower. These processors will come with smaller cache sizes (built-in memory).

Core i5

The Core i5 processor is a step up from the i3. It has more caches, will handle more memory, and have a higher clock speed. These processors do not have Hyperthreading, which allows a CPU to process instructions at a faster rate in the desktop models. However, some of the newer i5 laptop models have this feature. The i5 also has a higher core count, six instead of the four in the i3. The i5’s integrated graphics are better as well.

Core i7

The next step up is the Core i7. This processor can have up to 8 cores, a larger cache, and better graphics performance. At the time of this writing, the i7 and i5 support the same memory capacity, but that may change in the feature.

Core i9

The core i9 is at the top of the Intel lineup. This is an incredibly powerful CPU used by gamers and editors alike. The i9 is packed with 8 cores, 16 threads, faster clock speeds, and a larger cache. Like the i7, it has the same memory capacity as the i5.

Which Should You Buy?

As the Core number increases, the processing capabilities of the processors also increases. This will include larger caches, higher core counts, and more RAM. If you are a gamer or shopping for one, the bigger the processor, the better. Most games will be playable on an i5 but might require lower settings in the game. To get the best experience, aim for the i7 or i9. Content creators will also benefit from the higher-end processors to keep the workflow smooth. If you are looking for a computer to surf the web and do like document editing, and i3 processor will be more than enough.

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