Has your trackpad on your laptop stopped working out of the blue? You may have accidentally disabled the touchpad. Or you need to disable it because you use an external mouse. This feature is built into a laptop for those who use a wireless mouse to prevent any pointer movement while typing.

Different Configurations

Like people, every laptop model is different. Due to this, there are various places to look when disabling or enabling the touchpad. Some laptops will have a little light on the top left or right corner of the touchpad. It will be lit white if the trackpad is enabled or orange if it is disabled. Hitting this area will toggle a touchpad on or off.

Another place to look is the top line of Function Keys on the keyboard. Look for the icon below on the keyboard. Some keyboard layouts will have it on the F series of keys where some might put it on the Delete key. Press and hold the Function Key and the key with the icon to toggle the touchpad on or off.

Software Options

In the Windows 10 operating system, type in the search bar “Touchpad.” The first option should be in Touchpad settings. Select this and open it up to the Settings app. Depending on the type you have, there will be settings to adjust here.

If you do not see any settings other than sensitivity, look to the right and click the ‘Additional Settings’ option. This will open up the Mouse Properties window. From here, you can change several aspects of the touchpad or turn it on or off.

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