If you are a hardcore gamer or an everyday user, knowing the temperature of your computer’s CPU is a way to measure its health. Finding out the temperature of the CPU is easy, with several utilities able to give you the temperature. Below is a number of ways to check the temperature, and doing so you can prevent overheating.

Intel XTU

If your computer is powered with an Intel Core processor, the best way to measure the CPU temperature is Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility. It is designed to be an overclocking tool, but it has built-in monitoring capabilities as well. Overclocking is a process in which you force better performance out of your CPU.

To begin, head over to Intel’s download center to install the program. Once it starts, you will be presented with a lot of information. In the lower section, there will be key information about your CPU. It will display temperature and its utilization (how hard the CPU is working).

AMD Ryzen Master

If your computer has one of AMD’s newer Ryzen processors, you can use AMD’s own Ryzen Master. It operates similarly to Intel’s XTU utility but is for AMD’s processors. To begin, download and install the program. You can adjust the speed of the cores through this program, but it will also display the CPU temperature. The tool will give you average and peak readings so you can see how your CPU performs over a period of time.


HWMonitor is a classic monitoring solution. It will tell you loads of information about the various components in your system. This includes the voltages they are using to the temperature they are. Its interface is barebones, and it doesn’t have any overclocking features but it is easy to read.

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