Laptop repair

DC Power Jack Repair - $125

  • Your laptop computer stops charging or powering on due to a faulty or damaged power plug

Laptop LCD Screen Repair or Replacement - $100 + Parts

  • Cracked or shattered LCD screen, faded images, no light behind the image

Laptop Hard Drive Repair or Replacement

  • We have software that will allow us to clone your failing hard drive to a brand new drive, allowing you to keep all your programs, settings, and files.  When this isn't an option, we will back up your data, install a new hard drive, and recover as many programs as possible.

Tune-up Service - $100

  • This service is recommended as part of a yearly maintenance plan for your computer.  Over time your system can become cluttered with temporary files, cookies, minor malware and toolbars, registry problems, update problems, and outdated software.  These issues can bring your computer to a crawl.  Our tune-up service addresses all these issues and more for a low price of only $90!