Desktop repair

Our Desktop Computer Repair Services include but are not limited to the following types of repairs:
  • Resolve overheating issues, including fan replacement and cleaning, thermal issues with processors, and air flow problems: Our team uses state-of-the-art testing equipment to determine if your system is running too hot.  Overheating computers can damage the computer's processor, video card, or other internal components.  Each desktop computer is opened up and checked for clogged fans and dust that is building up on system components.  We clean out any dust found at no cost to you for in-shop repairs.  If it is determined that your system may be running hot, we use special software to find out what temperature your computer is operating at.  We then correct the heat problems by applying the highest quality thermal compound between your computer's processor and heat sink (think of a car's radiator) to transfer heat properly, clean out your fans, and run the testing software again.  Keeping heat problems to a minimum will increase the lifespan of your computer.
  • Motherboard capacitor replacement and soldering: One common problem we find, often caused by too much heat in the computer system, is leaky or failed capacitors on your desktop's motherboard.  Most computer capacitors are rated to run for thousands of hours at 105 degrees Celsius, but sometimes they are defective and fail sooner.  Our trained staff of technicians can easily spot these failed capacitors and replace all damaged capacitors with new ones using our high grade soldering equipment.  We will replace all capacitors of the same type (they usually fail together, or shortly thereafter once one or two fail) when we perform this repair.
  • Motherboard Replacement: When your computer's motherboard fails, sometimes there is no other choice but to replace it.  We can quickly order a replacement motherboard (we have them in stock quite often) and replace it for a small fee.  We ensure proper compatibility when ordering all replacement motherboards.
  • Video issues caused by faulty motherboards, drivers, or video cards: The dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death) is often caused by faulty video cards or video drivers.  When the video card gets too hot in your system, it can cause the computer to shut down, blue screen, or cause strange colors and patterns in your monitor.  We carry replacement video cards in stock for most computer models.  Video card issues are usually resoved the same day.
  • CPU replacement and upgrades: Your computer's processor is the “brain” of your PC.  This part processes most of the number crunching that occurs in your system.  When your computer has an outdated processor, it will slow down and drag on even simple tasks.  Contact us today about upgrading your processor.  We carry some used processors in stock and can order new CPUs within 2 or 3 business days typically.
  • Memory errors and upgrades: When memory modules fail in your computer, applications and the operating system can crash randomly, cause blue screen errors, or even keep your computer from booting up.  We have special software that will test your memory modules and check for errors if we suspect a problem.  We have a wide selection of memory available for replacing your computer’s faulty memory.  Memory upgrades are a great way to improve your computer’s performance.  When your system runs out of available memory, it borrows memory from your hard drive, which is many times slower than these memory modules.  This is called “virtual memory.”  If your computer ever mentions “virtual memory running low,” you may want to ask us about upgrading your memory.  We recommend a minimum of 1GB memory in Windows XP, 2GB minimum for Windows Vista and Windows 7 32 bit, and a 3GB minimum for Vista/7 64 bit for proper performance.  We do not charge any labor for upgrading your memory when the system is brought to our office.
  • DVD/CD Drive replacement: The Computer Warriors carries new and used DVD Burners/Drives for replacement in your desktop computer.  If you are unable to burn DVDs, it may be because your drive doesn't support that function or because the drive is malfunctioning.  Contact us today for our current prices on DVD burners.
  • Power switch and power supply repair or replacement: If your computer will not power on, there is a possibility that the power supply has failed.  We carry a variety of power supplies in stock for most computer systems.  Power supply replacements can usually be performed while you relax in our waiting area.
  • Hard drive repair and replacement: If your computer is suffering from a failing hard drive (bad sectors, S.M.A.R.T. errors and warnings), it is best to bring it to a professional to have your data recovered immediately.  When we suspect a problematic drive, we backup all user data as quickly as possible.  Next, we try to mark problematic sections of the hard drive as bad and repair the drive.  We usually recommend replacing your hard drive once it starts to show signs of failure.  We have a state-of-the-art drive “cloning” process that allows us to migrate all your programs and data to a new drive.  You would never know that the work was performed except your drive will probably have more free space and will run considerably faster.  We carry high quality hard drives in stock that carry a 3- to 5-year warranty.