Fast and Reliable Computer Repair in Wilmington, NC.

Are you looking for a computer repair or laptop repair store in Wilmington, NC? We make an experience out of repairing your computers and laptops. Get these benefits and more with every computer repair service:

  • A+ certified computer repair technicians.
  • Hardware Repair warranties up to 4x longer than industry standard.
  • Full hardware and software diagnostics. 
  • Complete transparency with every interaction.
  • Among the quickest. Up to 10x faster computer repairs in Wilmington, NC. 2-3 days turnaround for diagnostics vs. 2 weeks to a month.

Shouldn’t fixing your computer and laptop be fast, reliable, and consistent each and every time? Want techs that have been through a rigorous vetting and qualification process that tests technical and people skills? 

We only hire techs that can not only troubleshoot and fix the craziest of crazy computer repairs, but also the computer techs who “break the mold.” They speak without the geek. Treating YOU like the cool person you are, with respect and compassion. That’s just got to come first. 



Common Computer and Laptop Issues


Don’t know what is wrong with your computer? Bring it in for full diagnostics. Computer Warriors in Wilmington has the expertise to diagnose and solve any problem. 

Power issues

A computer not powering on can be a frustrating thing. Luckily, Computer Warriors in Wilmington knows the common issues that would prevent your computer from turning on. Stop by and test out our skill today!

Booting Issues

A computer that turns on, but doesn’t load into windows, can be very frustrating. The technicians at Computer Warriors in Wilmington have been trained to solve all computer booting issues in record time. No more waiting a couple weeks to get your computer back up and running.

Data Recovery

It can be very stressful to loss all the information on your computer. From documents to pictures of your family. Whatever data you lost; we know how important it is to get that precious information back in your hands. If you need Data recovery in Wilmington NC, stop by Computer Warriors and let us help you today!


Getting a Virus or malware can seem very intimidating, and removing it can seem even more so. At Computer Warriors in Wilmington we remove all types of Viruses and malware, from annoying pop-ups scams, to computer crippling trojans. No virus is too big or small for us to squash.

Screen Repair

If you live in Wilmington NC and need your laptop screen repaired, stop by Computer Warriors. We will not just fix your laptop screen, but put a 1 year hardware warranty on the work we do. Most laptop screen repairs start as low as $250.00 and go up from there.  

Check Your Computer In for a Diagnostic.

To ask questions or get service in Wilmington

just call our office: 910-399-3797

Diagnostics: generally completed in  2-3 days. Among the fastest computer repair stores in Wilmington, NC. 

Computers are computers, they never change. What changes are the people who fix computers. We simply try more than any other computer repair company to upgrade the experience through growing our staff, both personally and professionally. 

  • Greeted with authenticity. Service with a genuine smile. 
  • Check-in your computer for a full hardware and software diagnostic, stating what needs fixed on your computer.
  • Your computer gets placed in the queue.
  • One of our certified service technicians will call, introduce themselves, and walk with you through the diagnostic and repair process.
  • You decide how to proceed, if at all. We help you make the best decision for yourself.

You truly don't have to use us of course, but suppose you did...


Here are some quick comparisons: Computer Warriors vs. Best Buy.

Best buy: Diagnostic $149, software only.

Computer Warriors: $50, software and hardware, also gets applied towards your repair.

Best buy: Cant repair hardware.

Computer Warriors: able to repair hardware.

Best Buy: no regulations for certifications.

Computer Warriors: Majority are certified, mandate starting in July 2022.

Best Buy: 1 year warranty is $124.95 | US: 1 year warranty comes standard on computer hardware. 

Best Buy: Average turnaround 2-3 weeks.

Computer Warriors: Average turnaround 2-3 days for diagnostics with a turnaround average of 1 week.


What are you waiting for? Level up your computer repair and laptop repair with warranties 4x longer (that’s a year), and fast turnaround time. Appreciate the peace of mind bringing your computer home.


Still Not Convinced... Here's What Our Customers Have to Say

Staff was extremely helpful! Their expert advice and solutions to my problem put my mind at ease. Thankful for a quick turn around and superior customer service. Only place I will go for my computer issues.
Rhonda S.
Computer Service Center Customer​
Great customer service and got my laptop back fast.
Jeanetta G.
Computer Service Center Customer​
Wilmington, NC. Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value They got my computer back to working in no time so that I could use it for school and any necessities without a hassle
Brandon M.
Computer Service Center Customer​
Fast, helpful, informative, courteous, and friendly staff. Will be returning. Thank you!
Brenda O.
Computer Service Center Customer​
Staff was kind and friendly! Very prompt! Was in and out quickly!
Jeff B.
Computer Service Center and Repair Client, Wilmington, NC
Fast service and exactly what they quoted me.
Stephanie W.
Computer Service Center and Repair Client, Wilmington, NC
The people at Computer Warriors are so wonderful and helped me out quickly and effectively.
Samantha W.
Computer Service Center and Repair Client, Wilmington, NC
My MacBook Pro's screen smashed up pretty bad. I was afraid to take it to get it fixed, because I was afraid the prices would have been crazy (I am from the Miami area and fixing phones and laptops can be really expensive). Computer Warriors were able to fix my screen and do diagnostics at a very reasonable price. Thank you, thank you, thank you Computer Warriors!!
Alyssa S.
Computer Service Center Customer​
Efficient, friendly, and super knowledgeable.
Blair R.
Computer Service Center Customer​
These guys are great. When you go in you get immediate service from people who are happy to be there and they make that very obvious. You get no attitude and no feeling stupid because you can’t solve your problem no matter how small.
They were so helpful! Totally fixed my old Macbook so that it's like new. Answered my questions without making me feel dumb and fixed my computer in a timely manner.


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