Beth Kehoe

I am truly lucky to have found Computer Warriors! I work in an office that has many computer operators (some knowledgeable, some claiming they know and some that should not touch a computer). Well, thanks to Brian, Chris and Matt our computers run smoothly everyday. If there is a problem, trust me i will let Brian know immediately. My computer needs to be fast and keep up with me and if it doesn't i yell out to Brian and he jumps right in and finds the problem. Because he is so brilliant at what he does it rubs off on to me to so i am learning a lot along the way.
Remote access is so cool and cuts the waiting out for someone to show up.
Since everything is working well at the office, i now have his company taking care of my home computer, daughters and got him to my parents!
You would be very smart reaching out for Computer Warriors help when you need it. I love Brian and am glad he is there to help! and of course his well trained associates!!