Protection plans

With all the valuable data your office generates every day, you can’t afford to leave gaps in its protection. Even with automated programs to help manage it, data security is a complicated and time-consuming process with very little margin for error. If you’re not an IT professional, it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on your information system’s safety to the extent you should while maintaining your day-to-day business operations.

Let the Computer Warriors help. We can evaluate your security needs and come up with a Warrior Shield protection plan to give you peace of mind, so you can concentrate on running your company instead of running security protocols.

Here are some of the most popular services our Warrior Shield plans provide :

Monitored server backups

Are you sure your server backups are working? Really sure? Many times, we see customers who “set it and forget it” and then pay a heavy price for not monitoring the process. By the time they realize their automated backups have failed, months could have elapsed and data could be irretrievably lost. Through the Warrior Shield protection plans, we offer fully monitored backups so we know immediately when there is problem and can resolve it fast.

Off-site server backups

Even if your server backups are well-monitored, if your servers are kept in-house, your data is still vulnerable to flood, fire, tornados and sometimes, even employee sabotage. Having off-site servers to backup your data is always a good idea.

Vulnerability patching

To paraphrase an old adage: With great computing power comes great maintenance responsibility – but how many times have you gotten a message that your version of Java needs updating and clicked the “skip for now” button? Computer Warriors does Windows and third-party vulnerability patching so you don’t have to spend time on all the updates vital to your system’s security.

AV Defender anti-virus solution

This anti-virus solution differs from simple anti-virus software in several ways:

  • It provides real-time security updates for up-to-the-minute protection (rather than the typical AV software’s periodic updates which are often issued weeks after a threat first presents itself)
  • Real-time alerts: We see the threats as they occur and act immediately to contain them
  • Constant protection: Our AV solution can’t be disabled by your employees, so your shield is always up.
  • Lightweight footprint: AV Defender scans are thorough, but don’t zap the processing efficiency of your machines that would slow your workflow.

In addition to these benefits, our Warrior Shield protection plans also ensure their members discounted labor rates on anything not covered by regular maintenance, remote support, priority service and special rates on after-hours support. So quit spending on downtime – invest in uptime by giving us a call now at either our Wilmington NC or Jacksonville, NC location!