Remote Support

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Remote Support Services

Many computer issues can be resolved by our support staff right over the internet.  Our remote support services start at only $30 for the first 15 minutes and $1/min after that.  We can quickly and securely log into your computer right over the web and assist with issues such as:
  • Configuring Software such as E-mail, web browsers, office software, and many others
  • Remove viruses if they haven't infected the system too severely yet
  • Help with Windows Update issues or other operating system errors
  • Resolve driver problems
  • Perform Tune-ups and get rid of minor malware, spam, or other irritants
  • Assist in training and explaining how to perform a task on your computer
  • Perform quarterly Maintenance on all business computers
Remote support can offer an inexpensive way to get the help you need fast.  There is no need to lug your computer in for repair work if we can handle it remotely, and there is no need to pay service call fees since we never have to leave the office to perform the work.
Call us today to set up your remote support service call.  Credit card information is due before the call starts for new clients only.  Existing clients will be billed afterwards.